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The pictures in this gallery illustrate the ability of the S Brick concept to be adapted to different customer requirements
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An early prototype S Brick, one of 5 fitted into this gable. The brick slip front is cast out of sand and cement. In 2019, 3 pairs of Swifts occupied these boxes

Photo Andy Murray
3 S Bricks retrofitted in a gable with a cavity width of 70mm. To achieve an internal floor area of 400 sq cm, these are 1.25 bricks long with real brick slips on the front.

The external boxes are from Impeckable

Photo James Codrington, Tybourne Ltd.
An S Brick in a new build gable with a cavity of 70mm. To achieve a floor area over 400 sq cm, it is made 1.5 bricks long with a cast brickslip front.

Photo John Hunt
2 S Bricks retrofitted in a gable. These bricks were larger than UK standard, so the size was increased slightly to use the available extra space.

The external boxes are a Zeist and a Model 30 from John Stimpson.

A production run of 12 S Bricks with brick slips made from the customer's own bricks.

S Bricks suitable for a rendered cavity wall.

6 S Bricks in a 70mm cavity wall. These boxes are 1.5 bricks long to achieve a floor area of over 400 sq cm. The external swift boxes are from CJ Vivara Pro.

There are more pictures of the installation here

15 S Bricks tailored for a 150mm cavity wall.
The brick slips are made from the customer's bricks.

S Bricks in a rendered wall. This is a timber-frame hip-to-gable extension.

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Perfect position for an S Brick (if you can spot it! - click to enlarge)

S Bricks in Yorkshire - very neat job

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