Friday 24 July 2015

Trumpington Swift Tower 2015 update

The tower is appreciated by the local
Wood Pigeons (click to enlarge)
The Trumpington Community Orchard Swift Tower was erected in October 2013 (see story), and its first full season was 2014. Although attraction calls were played throughout the season, as far as we know, no Swifts occupied any of the nest boxes. Now in 2015 we have our first breeding pair.

by Dick

This is great news and a well deserved reward for all of the effort put in by everyone involved. Screaming parties of up to 20 birds have been seen circling the tower.

A Swift was first seen entering the tower by a member of the public in late May, but it was not until 28th June, when 2 birds were seen entering the same nest box at dusk, that a pair was confirmed. Since then chicks have been heard cheeping when parents enter the nestbox, this is proof of breeding. Also occasional entries to other nest boxes have been witnessed.

This post also gives us an excuse to publish a picture of the tower (above), complete with its 20W solar panel, 2 bat boxes and squirrel barrier. The triangular cabinet, half way up, supports the solar panel and contains a 25 amp-hour golf cart battery, regulator, timer and Cheng Sheng player amplifier.

A parent leaving the box on the left