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Action for Swifts is not a commercial organisation, but occasionally we are called upon to provide solutions, which cost us money and time. This page is a list of what we can provide, together with prices.

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For payment see

The S Brick

The S Brick is Simply for Swifts and Sparrows and it Spans a Single course of bricks.

It was developed to address both the market for retrofitting in brick and rendered cavity walls and it is also simple to install in new build in both normal cavity and timber frame construction. It is also suitable for stone walls.

S Brick website:

Read more here:

Please contact to discuss requirements.

I am a Swift - I am in trouble booklet

'I am a Swift' is a delightful booklet, suitable for children from about 6 years old, and it tells the story of the plight that Swifts face and what can be done to help them. 'I am a Swift' comprises 28 pages, full of information and stories about Swifts.

Price £1 each for orders less than 10 + postage

75p each for 10 or more + postage

This is the 2nd printing of the 3rd edition - you can see the 2nd edition here

Swift information leaflet

This comprehensive 4-page A5 leaflet contains information about the lives of swifts, the problems they face and then what you can do to help.

You can see all 4 pages here.

It is ideal for handing out at displays and other events, such as Swift Awareness Week.

Price 5p each (which doesn't quite cover the cost of printing) + postage

AfS Attraction call system       Sold out!

It is fairly easy to order the components yourself for an attraction call system. 
A spreadsheet  here provides links to where you can obtain the components - let us know if any of these links are dead.
Also read this:

The components are:
MP3 player (actual model depends on current availability)
SD card with attraction calls
12 volt power supply
Speaker cable
Chocbloc (to connect speaker cable to the tweeter)

However, If you wish us to do all this for you, then we can supply for £50 including UK postage.

We do not include a timer switch.

[Note: also see for CD's and downloadable calls]

Half brick entrance pieces

These entrance pieces are made by casting a sand/cement mixture. The entrance is slightly tapered with the larger end on the outside.

Price £5 plus postage

For examples of how to install see here

Life-size model Swift
Laser-cut in 2mm MDF, the assembled Swift can be configured with different wing positions.

The parts are simple to assemble with quick-setting glue (not supplied). Superglue is ideal. Something more child-friendly would be appropriate for children.
Assembly instructions are here

Can be assembled into a 2-Swift, 3-Swift or larger mobile.

                                     1 Swift £6 + postage
5-Swift mobile

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