Saturday 7 April 2018

Internal boxes in a wooden garage gable

This was a situation requiring custom internal boxes, because of the internal timberwork. Apart from this, the project was straightforward.

The north-facing gable of this South Cambs garage is just over 5 metres high.

The entrance holes were made using a simple jig to drill 5 small holes 1cm apart, so the distance between the first and last holes was 4cm. Then a 28mm hole saw was used in all 5 positions, making sure it could get as far as possible into the wall, without going all the way through. Eventually one does burst through on the inside, and then one can finish the job with a flle making a very neat job.

Steel plates were used to make the entrances woodpecker-proof - also Starlings are more than capable of enlarging holes in softwood. The plates were left over from a batch produced to starling-proof the Cambridge Swift Tower.

Piano hinges and simple turn buttons were used for the inspection doors.

3 double boxes before installation
6 entrances in the gable
Close up of entrances, showing canopies and anti-woodpecker steel plates
3 double boxes installed
Demonstration of hinged inspection door