Tuesday 15 September 2020

Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve

Suffolk Wildlife Trust have built a new visitor centre at Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve. 8 S Bricks have been built in to the timber-frame construction, by making entrances in the wooden cladding.

Steel plates surround the entrances to deter woodpeckers and starlings from attempting to enlarge them. The nest chambers penetrate 50mm into the insulation which is insufficient to cause any heat loss problem.

From their website: "Carlton Marshes lie in the Waveney Valley at the southern tip of the Norfolk Broads and is part of the Suffolk Broads. It comprises a jigsaw of grazing marsh, fens, peat pools, short fen meadow, tall fen (called 'tall litter fen'), dykes, pools and scrub. Mostly man-made, these habitats have developed over hundreds of years of traditional management and now host specialised wildlife."

S Brick dimensions. The opening is enlarged to allow some positioning tolerance

Computer model showing S Brick embedded in insulation

Photo credits below to Steve Aylward, Head of Property & Projects:

S Bricks installed waiting for cladding

Cladding installed with entrances in place

Steel entrance plates installed

Entrances to 8 S Bricks