BTO BirdTrack - Weekly Reporting Rate for Swift

The Reporting Rate graphs for the last 3 years are no longer updated by the BTO. Instead, you can see the reporting rate for any region, any year, and any species. Although this gives a lot more flexibility, you have to work for it.

First go to:

[You may have to hit the Reporting Rate button here, then ...]

Fill in the Region (e.g. Britain & Ireland), Species (e.g. Swift) and Series (=year, say 2017)
Then hit 'Add plot'.

The Region 'United Kingdom' is not available.

You could now fill in a different year, for example 2007.
Hit 'Add plot' and 'Show graph' again and you can see what happened in the 10 years in between.

You could select 'Historical' for the aggregated reporting rates for all years before the current year to compare with the current year or any other years.

As well as comparing years, you could compare Regions and Species.

The following is now obsolete:

This chart is a way of showing the arrival, departure and abundance of Swifts through the season.

You can see more information about Swifts from BirdTrack here on the BTO website