Thursday 5 May 2022

A New Wildlife Tower

Back in 2015, we visited Nick Watts at Vine House Farm in Lincolnshire, where we saw his wildlife towers, which we thought were a fine inspiration for a tower suitable for Swifts as well. This vision has now been realised.

A view from the south west

This magnificent hexagonal building is 8 metres high. Louvres on 5 sides give access to 50 Swift boxes, hoping to emulate the success of Swift boxes in church belfries. There are also 24 S Bricks embedded in the brickwork.

In total, the tower contains:
74 Swift nest boxes
13 House Martin nest cups
10 bat bricks
4 bat access tiles in the roof
24 bee bricks and
20 small bird boxes

A solar panel charges a battery that powers 2 MP3 players with attraction calls.

A view from the north west

Inside the tower: Louvre Swift boxes and S Bricks

A nice touch