Swifts Local Network (SLN)

The Cambridge International Swift Conference in 2014 provided a great chance for networking.  One result has been that a Swifts Local Network (SLN) has been set up. This will enable the many UK-based individuals and small groups now working on Swift conservation initiatives to share experiences and ideas more easily.

Click map to go to Google maps
You can see from this map  where members of the Network are operating - have a look for someone near you.

If you are looking for advice, then find someone near to you on the map. First hit the map, left, for a 'full screen' map, then click on any symbol for contact details and brief details of the activities in that location.

If you are working on Swift conservation in the UK and would like to join the Group and register your project on the map please contact the SLN group owner.

If you are a member of SLN, you can post questions to the Group.

Note that SLN  does not operate a central advice service.

Questions to the owner, including a request to join SLN can also be sent to: 

The email address for posting messages is: 
To unsubscribe and leave SLN, send an email to:

The SLN Google Groups webpage is: 
If you have problems accessing this URL, see the bottom of this page.

[The group was moved to Google groups in November 2019. You can still access older messages on:

Note - this is a closed group - you cannot subscribe yourself.  Sending an email to subscribe will notify the newsgroup's owner that you wish to join - so some information about you - name, where you are located, and if you are part of an existing Swift group- is very helpful

If you wish to access messages online or to modify preferences, such as your display name or email options, then you need a Google account:

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Step 2: Click the Create Account link below the gray “sign in with your Google Account” box.
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