Monday 2 July 2018

A living wall for Swifts

This is an example of a simple, low cost way of providing nesting places for Swifts unobtrusively.

We previously described Swift boxes on a parapet here including examples in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here is another example in the Katzenelson Elementary School in Givatayim of incorporating nest boxes in a parapet wall. There must be many examples of parapet walls that could take a solution like this.

Parapets are usually high, well above any living space, no issues of cold spots or damp incursion in the building - indeed, an ideal location.

The only thing is to make sure the nest boxes are well defended from rain and sun.

There is a video showing how well it works, and the pictures below should explain everything.

Thank you to Amnonn Hahn for sending us these pictures.
Almost invisible entrances (click picture for a closer view)
Before attaching the boxes

Amnonn with the nest boxes

Easy access for inspection

A view of an entrance from inside

House Sparrows are nesting in number 25