Wednesday 6 December 2017

A low situation

We were asked whether a garage in Ely, barely 3.5 metres high, would be suitable for Swift boxes, so we decided to give it a go. It is only by trying these things will we ever find out whether it is something to recommend or not.

There happened to be one stretcher brick, centrally placed and high up in the gable - it is the highest point that one could practically put an entrance. It is a double thickness wall, the inner leaf being breeze blocks.

One brick containing 2 entrances was cast out of 50:50 sand/white cement mixture.

A double box, each with floor area 20cm x 25cm,
and double entrance piece cast out of 50% sand, 50% white cement

A cardboard template was used to determine the shape
 of the separator between the boxes and entrance piece

Entrance piece mortared in. When the mortar is dry it will be a nice match.
The mortar is a 4:1 sand/cement moxture

2 internal boxes with inspection doors.