The S Brick

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The S Brick is Simply for Swifts and Sparrows and it Spans a Single course of bricks.

It was developed to address both the market for retrofitting in brick cavity walls and it is also simple to install in new build in both normal cavity and timber frame construction as well as rendered walls.

The S Brick comprises a laser cut nest chamber, a built in nest form and a brick slip front. It can be tailored for different brick sizes, cavity widths and brick facings.

All configurations of the S Brick contain a nest form. Top and bottom is clearly labeled. All configurations are customisable for different building geometries such as cavity width or brick-size as well as brick type.

With thin walls, the S Brick is smaller than other products with thick walls, but it provides more space for the birds.

1. For inclusion in brick walls

The front of the nest chamber is faced with a slip made of brick, stone or cast in a 50:50 mixture of sharp sand and cement. The face of the nest chamber is scored and has small holes for glue to penetrate. The glue used is Fixall maximum strength. This configuration is suitable for both new build and for retrofit.

 2. For rendered walls 

The entrance is surrounded with an entrance piece cast out of a 50:50 mixture of sharp sand and cement. This is secured to the front of the nest chamber in the same manner as 1 above. The front of the box has a double layer of Palight, the outer layer has holes that act as a key for the render.

Both of the above configurations contain a sheet of 3.2mm Cembrit Cloakboard on the floor, a rough, absorbent, Swift-friendly material. 
4. Separate brick/stone slip
This version can be used where the depth is limited, e.g. a narrow cavity. It is 1.5 bricks long. Supplied without a brick slip, it is similar to the rendered version above, but there is the option for customers to add their own brick or stone slips; the cast concrete entrance piece becomes an interesting feature in the wall.

5. Inside closed eaves

This configuration requires a hole to be cut in the soffit 66mm x 30mm (template supplied). The nest chamber has an open bottom and is secured to the soffit with a bead of glue around the flanged edge. The nest chamber is a sealed enclosure, so no wildlife can get into the eaves.
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6. Fireproof S Bricks

Where fire regulations apply, we can supply S Bricks with a galvanised steel nest chamber. They are wholly incombustible
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The price of an S Brick £29 plus postage.
To order, send an email to to discuss detailed requirements.

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