2019 Swift Awareness Week

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22nd - 30th June 2019

In 2018, Britain & Ireland were the first countries in the world to dedicate a national week in support of Swifts. In 2019 it will run from 22 - 30 June As we count the days until our wonderful Swifts are back in our skies again, we’re delighted to let you know about 2019 events.

There will be events and publicity all around the country, organised by dozens of local Swift groups. These events aim to raise awareness of Swifts and bring a focus to their plight, and of course provide information about how to help them. The Swift is one of the few endangered species that individuals really can help in their own property and there are many groups across the country working hard to try to halt their dramatic decline of 50% in just 20 years.

Some of the events that you might find happening near you are:

1. An evening walk to show people Swifts, led by a local expert.
2. A talk about swifts in a local hall.
3. An evening informal gathering at a house that has Swifts nesting.
4. An ‘open garden’ event with displays about Swifts and ideally Swifts nesting within sight.
5. A parade down a street with Swift flags and more.
6. A celebration of the Swifts and the long journeys they will be making in May and July/August at a local school.
7. A Swift stall/display at a local event or in the local library or community centre.
8. A Swift stall set up in the local church/community centre/school.
9. A combination of two or more of the above – or something completely different.

Of course if there is nothing near you, why not plan your own Swift event to join our busy calendar of events? Please send details to swiftawarenessweek@gmail.com where you can also request further information.

If you are from mainland Europe, then there are similar events under the banner Swifts & Fun

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