Thursday 5 September 2019

Peak Boxes

We thought it worth publicising a relative newcomer on the Swift nest box market. Lester Hartmann has brought the world of CNC machining to making high precision nest boxes. With a career in building custom furniture he is well qualified to do so.

At Action for Swifts we have focussed on generating ideas, trying them out with amateur carpentry, then describing them as case studies on this blog. We are rather pleased that this has influenced not a few Swift boxes now being offered commercially. Some of our ideas are borrowed, then developed from the Dutch website
The Dutch were always a little ahead of us.

It is good to see Peak Boxes taking this forward, developing and improving on what has gone before.

Peak Boxes products are of the highest quality and should make a very worthwhile contribution to the recovery of Swifts. You can see all the Swift boxes here:

Every effort is made towards being carbon neutral – the raw material is Duraply; plastic is not used in packaging and shipping is with DPD who claim to be carbon neutral.
3-tier apex box

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