Monday 25 June 2018

Simple open eaves design

In 2012, I installed 6 under eaves boxes on the back of my son's house described here.
On the side of the house, I also boxed in the eaves in a very simple way. He has not lived there for 6 years, so I never visited, until recently, as he is moving back in.

by Dick

The reason for the visit was to rescue another Swift that had fallen into his drain. The cover that we fitted had seriously warped. The swift flew off OK, and at the same time there were about 20 swifts charging around his garden.

It seems that all 6 boxes on the back of the house are occupied and at least 1 of the 4 boxed in eaves boxes are occupied.

So I thought it worth documenting exactly how this was done. It should be self explanatory from the picture below.

It is constructed as a single sheet of plywood, spanning 3 joists forming 2 chambers with triangular entrances each end. A slot is cut in the middle to let the middle joist through and a wedge is screwed to the middle joist to separate the chambers. Battens each end close down the entrance size.

The home-made House Martih's nests have never been used, they are probably tucked up too far behind the fascia board.


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