Monday 20 June 2016

Santon Downham Church

St Mary the Virgin, Santon Downham, in Suffolk is in a very attractive setting on the edge of the village green

[UPDATE July 2019 Increase to 5 breeding pairs this year from 3 pairs last year. ]

It also has the easiest belfry that we have seen for installing Swift boxes. There is even a solid floor to stand on while working on the boxes!

In the lower half of the picture, left, it can be seen that the louvres are flush with the sides. This makes it very straightforward to screw the boxes to the sides.

Bill Landells has done an excellent job installing 18 boxes in 6 cabinets on 2 sides of the belfry, 3 on each side. All with access doors for inspection.

There is the potential for 2 odd-shaped boxes above the top cabinet. As Swifts always seem to go for the tops of the louvres first, this may be something worth pursuing in the future.

St Mary the Virgin, Santon Downham

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