Friday 6 March 2015

Swift Conservation at Ecobuild

On 5th March, I had the pleasure of spending a day with Edward Mayer on Swift Conservation's exhibition stand at Ecobuild. 

Contributed by Dick

Held at the Excel, Ecobuild is the world's biggest sustainability event for the built environment, with roughly 800 exhibitors. It has everyone from those making money out of climate change, to recycling, houses made of straw, specialists in Japanese knotweed and those interested in the environment. Swift Conservation was one of a suite of stands in the 'Biodiversity Pavilion' alongside the Bat Conservation Trust,  British Beekeepers Association, Buglife, RSPB, Woodland Trust and NBN.

It was a great opportunity to talk to many people in the building industry about what they can do to reverse the decline of Swifts. Winning the hearts and minds of this industry is key to getting something done.

Eventually all of the UK Swift population will be in nestboxes, after every roof, eave and wall has been repaired. it will be like the situation with Purple Martins and Eastern Bluebirds in the US where the whole population now breeds in nestboxes.

The only way that the hundreds of thousands of nestboxes needed can be installed is to get the building industry on board. Ecobuild is a great opportunity to get at some of them.

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