Tuesday 16 December 2014

Premier Inn Cambridge

We previously reported on a press release by Whitbread, publicising their intentions to install Swift boxes in new Premier Inn Hotels.  One of the first Premier Inns to adopt this idea is the new hotel in Newmarket Road, Cambridge.

Front view of the hotel
All of the Swift boxes are on the back
Although, in an ideal world, it is best to plan nest boxes at the design stage, by good fortune, the geometry of the eaves of this building lent itself to adding nest boxes unobtrusively after the building was erected.

The building has broad eaves, with a channel along the top of the wall of an ideal size to accommodate Swift boxes. As there were no right angles, something custom designed was required, so Filcris undertook the building of treble boxes, tailored to fit the shape of the channel.

It was also important that the colour of the boxes matched the grey of the building, so Filcris chose a recycled material that could be painted the required colour.

As a result, the hotel now has 24 homes for Swifts (8 treble boxes) in groups of 12, 6 and 6.

It is planned to install an attraction call system by next May.

The following pictures are self explanatory:

12 boxes
6 boxes
6 boxes
Design model
Design model, internal structure

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