Thursday 2 May 2013

First occupant of the Cambridge Swift Tower

We usually recommend that  a Swift box entrance should be no more than 30mm by at least 65mm, in order to exclude Starlings. Well this female Starling has not read the rules!

A bit of a squeeze!  Photos Clarke Brunt

On April 29th, while commissioning the attraction calls on the Cambridge Swift Tower, upgraded to a 20 watt solar panel, car battery and Cheng Sheng player, as described here, we discovered the first occupant.

Of course, we cannot be sure that this entrance, at the top of the tower, has not crept over the 30mm limit, but the somewhat squashed shape of the bird, emerging from the box, shows it to be a bit of a struggle.

We know that Swifts can get into a slot as small as 24mm across - though the other dimension is considerably larger than this. Thus, if you are really determined to keep all Starlings out, even the most determined Starlings, then perhaps aim for 28mm, and this should still be an easy entry for Swifts.

Nevertheless, we are rather pleased that this enterprising Starling is making good use of a penthouse suite in our Swift hotel!

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  1. What has happened to this project for swifts? I wish the London Borough of Merton would encourage the visiting swifts to nest in the borough.