Wednesday 3 April 2013

Cambridgeshire Swift Survey

This is a preliminary announcement of a survey that starts this year, 2013. It will take over from the survey that was undertaken by the Cambridgeshire Bird Club in 2008/2009 and, it is hoped will include records from that survey. We may well expand this post with more details as we gain experience and feedback from using the survey website.

Cambridge City Council in partnership with Action for Swifts and CPERC are seeking records of breeding swifts in the City, towns and villages of Cambridgeshire. CBC members are encouraged to note the address and exact breeding site details of all breeding pairs, colonies  and screaming parties located in 2013 (or old records) and record them via the Living Record Cambridge Swift Survey website:

Screen-grab of Living Record location input
Please note you will need to join Living Record which is free and tick 'Swift Survey' on the options page. Then open the Records page and follow the notes on how to add new records.

This website allows detailed descriptions and precise map based plotting of nest site locations. It is hoped that these records will build on our knowledge of the distribution of the species in the County. Allowing local authority officers to identify nest sites at risk from planning proposals and seek appropriate retention or mitigation.

Contact:   for further info.

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