Sunday 15 April 2012

Antrim Borough Council makes space for Swifts

This is a good example of a building enhanced for Swifts without detracting at all from the building appearance. Contributed by Rodney Monteith

The Oriel Gallery: Eleven Ibstock bricks on this facade
As part of a major restoration project Antrim Borough Council in Northern Ireland has provided new homes for Swifts.

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 In 2011 a total of 11 Ibstock Swift bricks were included in the renovation of one of its properties. The red brick construction of “The Long Barn” means that the Ibstock boxes blend in perfectly and now renamed “The Oriel Gallery” the building will provide permanent homes for swifts for many years.

The Oriel Gallery is situated within Antrim Castle Gardens which were first laid out in the 17th century and retain many of their original features.
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