Wednesday 14 December 2011

A-frame Swift Tower

Contributed by Bob Tonks and Dick Newell

This is an idea borrowed from the Barn Owl A-frame, a very successful, well tried design for owls (Little, Tawny and Barn), Kestrel, Stock Dove, Jackdaw and even squirrels and cats.

It accommodates 6 pairs of Swifts. The whole thing can be assembled on the ground, then hoisted into position on a pole or wall. With the double roof it is well insulated from the sun, the front is easily removed for maintenance purposes.

Click for large picture
The front is an equilateral triangle with side 825mm. The depth of each nesting chamber is 425mm. The supporting strut below is as much there for aesthetic effect as it is to support the A-frame.

It is best not to orientate this box directly south, unless an extra thick front is provided. A smooth metal sleeve around the pole is also a good idea to deter rats and squirrels.

More pictures:

Front removed
Back view

This is a version suitable for mounting on a wall.

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