Tuesday 7 June 2011

Cambridge Swift Tower "Bird Scarer"

Contributed by Guy Belcher

As there is no mains power anywhere near the Swift Tower, we have decided to use a Bird Scarer, programmed with Swift attraction calls, powered by a 12 volt battery, recharged by a solar panel.

The system was configured by Martley Electronics of Worcester and comprises:

BS3 Bird scarer (programmed with Swift attraction calls)
Run off a 75ah 12V leisure battery with a 5 watt trickle feed solar panel.
There is a dawn/dusk light sensor and a 12V timer for maximum flexibility.
Unless the timer is set it plays 5 minutes durations of calls at random during daylight hours.
There is a volume control. 

The complete unit is weather proof.

Approx cost inc. delivery is   £450.00


  1. I am enquiring into this device, as it would be hard to get a power supply to a proposed swift tower at current?

    I was wondering could I receieve more information - who to contact/how to purchase?

  2. There is a link to Martley Electronics in the post. Email us at actionforswifts@gmail.com, and we can discuss other possibilities as well.