2020 Swift Awareness Week

27th June - 5th July 2020
Swift Awareness Week (SAW) began in 2018 with many SLN groups organising a remarkable 90+ local events that summer.  Last year there were over 100 and even more groups took part! The dates for both weeks were set by a small group of key players in SLN.

We have decided that:

SAW2020 will run from Saturday June 27th to Sunday 5th July 2020 inclusive.

Details of how the week will be administered and events displayed will follow later

Please note that, as last year, the ‘week’ is nine days long and includes both weekends.
It is worth reading last year's webpage for information on the types of event.

Whichever week is chosen, inevitably a few groups either won’t be able to run their events in the week or will opt to do so outside the week. We don’t think that this will have any significant effect on an event’s success since SAW is essentially about local events organised by local groups and aimed at local people. This means that their success depends on the effort and skills of the local group organisers rather than any national or regional publicity.

You can now start to plan your events to run within the allotted week if you so wish.

If you do have any ideas about it or want to offer to help in some way, feel free to email Nick Brown direct at nbrown@derbyshirewt.co.uk.

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