SAW 2024 events

Sat 29th June - Sun 7th July

Swift Awareness Week was first held in 2018 with groups around the country holding over 90 events in 2020: celebrating this wonderful bird, bringing attention to its decline and encouraging people to do something about it. 
This page is intended to publicise summer events both during and outside Swift Awareness Week 2024. If you wish to promote an event here, then please email Nick Brown

SAW2024 is not just about ‘events’ – walks, talks, displays etc but also provides the perfect platform for organising other ‘actions’ such as:

1. Getting articles about swifts and their plight into your local (or national) newspaper, community or parish magazine.

2. Putting leaflets/posters on your windows, in libraries, community centres etc. (and even having a display of nest boxes etc).

3. Making a Banksy type mural on a blank wall somewhere….or making swift flags to put up along a street (see attached).

4. Getting local youth groups/WI’s to do a project on swifts/make nest boxes/paint them in the colours of the flags of the countries they migrate over.

5. Asking you county wildlife trust/local RSPB or birder group what they do to help swifts and whether they will put something on their websites, in their newsletters etc.

6. Giving a nest box or two to a local school/church/community centre as a way of involving them.
7. Asking wildlife writers/columnists to write about swifts during the week.

8. etc – your further ideas are welcome…..

And if you want help with texts/photos etc try the wonderful SLN library first ( ) – or ask me…..

A list of events will appear in due course here

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