Fireproof S Bricks

In response to demand for a fireproof Swift brick we have developed the Fireproof S Brick. These comprise a galvanised steel nest chamber, a cloakboard (cement-fibreboard) floor and a fireproof sealant. With a height of 85mm, they all occupy 1 course of bricks. Fireproof S Bricks are also appropriate in situations where fire regulations do not apply.

Brick facing and 100mm cavity
Occupies the space of 1 brick and the cavity behind. The brickslip is secured with a fireproof sealant. Dimensions L235mm D195mm H85mm

Brick facing and 50mm cavity, e.g. timber-frame
In order to give the birds enough space, this version occupies 1.5 bricks and the cavity behind.
Dimensions L347.5mm D147mm H85mm

S Brick for a rendered wall 130mm cavity
Expanded metal is riveted to the front to provide a surface that can be rendered. The entrance piece is made of concrete
Chamber dimensions L235mm D200mm H85mm
S Brick for a rendered wall narrow cavity
Chamber dimensions L347.5mm D130mm H85mm

Internally the S Brick is furnished with a cloakboard floor and a nestform. As natural nests are not incombustible, neither is the nest form provided.

Other sizes and facings can be provided on request.

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