Tuesday 20 November 2018

Two triangles on modern gables

We like gables because they are often the highest point that you can install a Swift box on a house, Triangular colony boxes always look nice, fitting in with the house architecture, and Swifts seem to like them.

We have recently installed 2 triangles on houses in Milton and Worlington. One has a roof slope of 9:12 and the other a slope of 12:9. One house has narrow eaves and the other broad eaves. The first one needed a roof fashioned out of shingles made from feather-boards. The second is well protected under the eaves. Neither faces south, but they are both painted white, to match the paintwork on the house.

9:12 triangle in Milton
UPDATE 2020 - 2 pairs of Swifts have moved into this triangle
12:9 triangle in Worlington


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