Tuesday 24 January 2017

Another nice result of the Cambridge System

Two things are new about this project: firstly it is an example using CJ WoodStone boxes inside, secondly it is one of the first projects implemented by someone other than AfS.

[Update summer 2017: From 17th June Swifts have found the boxes and stayed for extended periods. Good prospects for 2018]

Jan Stannard's Victorian gable in Maidenhead is just one brick thick, so although there was no access inside the gable, it was practical to tackle this project wholly from the outside.

The project used 2 WoodStone build-in boxes and 2 homemade entrance pieces:

2 WoodStone build-in boxes and 2 homemade entrance pieces
Boxes and entrances in place

It was necessary to remove 2 courses of brickwork to install the boxes. This is rather more intrusive than one normally likes, but an excellent result has been achieved

The half bricks have been placed nicely to avoid aligned vertical bonds.

The homemade entrance pieces were cast using white cement and were then stained using Ecos Paints. One has to agree, the colour match is very good.

The nest boxes are the WoodStone® Build-in Hidden Swift Box

UPDATE June 2018:



  1. Guys, firstly loving the work here. That's a cool hidden installation. This has gaving me some idea's for my own hidden enclosure, however im not able to remove existing brickwork like this (not my property) so I'm using the use of brickslips ( https://brickslips.co.uk ) for mine to build a column. Only needed a few to make the whole thing match, I'll try get some photos over when finished!
    Just thought i'd share! - Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy spotting! Dan