Sunday 12 June 2016

Swift Action Harleston - Swift mobile

We were delighted to receive this story from Harleston in Norfolk. The local group, Swift Action Harleston has come up with a great idea that could be replicated anywhere.

The mobile was produced from hundreds of cut-out Swift shapes by pupils at Harleston Primary School. Each Swift is decorated with a design based on the colours of the flags of the Southern European or African countries through which the Swifts fly on migration and carries an individual message to the Swifts from the pupil that made it.

The pictures below show close ups of  some of the designs in the mobile which are all being combined and turned into flags for display in the town.

One of the delightful messages reads:
"Dear Swifts ... never give up, never give up. If the weather knocks you down, get back up, never give up, you can do it. Please don't die."

Isn't that nice, and here are some pictures of their spectacular mobile:

Year 8 students at Archbishop Sancroft High School, designed and printed their own swift flags for display in Harleston town centre.

Harleston Box Brigade, with some of their productions

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  1. brilliant!
    brightening up our churches and spreading the message about swifts at the same time. thumbs up