Friday 26 February 2016

First deployment of Model 30 Swift boxes

Since 2008 John Stimpson has made and sold nearly 7000 over 10,000 Zeist Swift boxes. The Zeist design is suitable for positioning under broad eaves. In exposed positions, with its flat roof, it would allow predators to perch and, made of plywood, will not last if exposed to sun and rain. Thus, we have provided him with a design suitable for a wider range of situations. John is now also supplying boxes made to this design.

The new model is called the 'Model 30' - as all angles in it are 30°. It has borrowed an idea from Maurice Wilkinson, who made his DIY Swift boxes out of PVC, commonly used for fascia boards. With its double thickness PVC/plywood roof (21mm of material in total), with a slippery white reflective surface,  the Model 30 should make life difficult for predators and it reflects sunlight.

The design is available as a flatpack, so it makes an ideal gift. All it requires is a cross head screw driver to insert the 14 screws needed to hold it together.

We are now making our first deployments of these boxes in more exposed positions.

John Stimpson contact details: 

The first 4 Model 30 boxes installed on an exposed gable end in Fulbourn, Cambs
[Update: one of these boxes was first occupied in 2017]
[Update 2018: 3 of these boxes are occupied]

Model 30 as a flatpack

2 boxes assembled

UPDATE 2016:

An attractive arrangement of Model 30's installed in 2016.


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