Friday 29 January 2016

Circular entrance inserts

We have been quite successful in retrofitting half brick-sized entrance inserts in brick walls, either by removing a header from a solid wall (here), or cutting an entrance in a cavity wall (here). We here present an idea more suited for inserting in a rendered cavity wall comprising building blocks.
[I updated this post in Sept 2017 to show the entrance piece proud of the mortar]

by Dick

The mould is made out of a 50mm piece of a pipe 102.5mm
internal diameter. The entrance formers are 3D printed.
Builders are accustomed to making circular holes in walls to fit such things as ventilation grills and extractor fans. So this idea may be preferred by some builders, even in brick outer walls.

Michael Osborne did something similar here.

We have used the same 3D-printed former that we used for the half brick entrances, but this time we made a mould out of a piece of 4 inch pipe.

The internal box could either be embedded in the inner wall or inside the inner wall, typically in a roof space, accessed via a pipe.

Although we have not used this idea on a real project yet, we thought it worth sharing.

Computer generated pictures below:
Outside view of insert

In this case, the nest box (back removed) is inside the roof-space  .
Alternatively the nestbox could be embedded in the inner wall, spanning the cavity.

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