Sunday 10 May 2015

Milton Country Park, Cambridge

Milton Country Park is an attractive local amenity, with trees, open spaces, lakes and a visitor centre. The visitor centre provides a suitable opportunity for some Swift boxes on one of its gable ends.

The park has a small staff of wardens and rangers and also a band of volunteers to help with maintenance and upkeep. The idea for Swift boxes came from Clarke Brunt, one of the volunteers who lives in Milton. Clarke has a successful colony of Swifts on his house which you can see online.

2 sets of 3 boxes, each with a double roof
The visitor centre has no eaves, and the gable end is quite exposed. So we made our own eaves by putting a double roof across 2 groups of 3 boxes, designed to fit the angle of the roof (18°). The roofs are covered with roofing felt.

The entrances are at the left (high) end of each box, as fitting cameras, eventually, will be made easier.

The result fits in with the architecture of the visitor centre.

A tweeter was attached to the side of the 2nd box from the left, driven by a Cheng Sheng player-amplifier.

Following future success with this project, there is scope for at least another 9 boxes on this gable end.

The double roof is effective in the mid-day sun
See Milton Country Park website

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