Tuesday 18 September 2012

We won an award!

This was a nice surprise. For some years we have been working in St Neots to make sure that swifts have somewhere to go when the inevitable happened to the dilapidated Victorian factory site in Brook Street, occupied by the ATS tyre company for many years.

We started in 2009 by installing nest-boxes in the church, St Mary the Virgin, next door, then when the renovation work started on the ATS building, we were instrumental in the installation of nest-boxes fashioned out of air brick liners built in to the building (see this post). Both the church and the old Brook Street site nest boxes have since been occupied by Swifts.

As a result of our efforts we were nominated for an award and have been given a certificate:

Click to enlarge
Alison Pearson first raised the alarm when renovation work started. Alison is not only a Swift enthusiast, she also happens to be chair of the "St Neots in Bloom" committee, which is how we were nominated in the first place.

So well done Alison, and thank you!

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