Thursday 5 April 2012

Boxes under sloping eaves

Pictures by Kerry Vaughan

[UPDATE July 2017: Swifts have occupied 2 boxes on the west side]

Sloping eaves can be a bit awkward, because, in general no standard box will fit nicely. We had a similar situation at Milton Road Primary School a couple of years ago, and the design used here at Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Lackford Lakes is essentially the same.

The box is installed by removing the sloping front, 2 screws through the back into the wall, then replace the front.

The end result looks rather good and in keeping with the building. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust has done a great job. AND Swifts have already been seen over the lake - on 5th April!

More pictures and design drawings:

click for larger pictures

Actual dimensions will depend on the angle of the roof slope

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