Sunday 4 March 2012

American Black Swift wintering grounds discovered

We thought that this story of the American Black Swift Cypseloides niger is so amazing, that we are putting a link to it here
To quote from the article:

"It was one of the last North American bird species to be described to science, in 1857.  Its nest was not found until 1901.  The first audio recording of its voice was not made until 1993.  And every summer, across most of its breeding range, it is the last species to arrive from the south, often not appearing until the end of June. But most remarkably of all, it was the only North American migratory bird to enter the 21st century with the location of its wintering grounds still a complete mystery."

Here on the left are the maps produced of the wintering range of 3 birds and their return spring migration route.

We look forward to seeing equivalent results from geolocator tracking of European Swifts.

Read more here

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