Sunday 29 January 2012

Keeping Starlings out of the Schwegler 1 MF

Update 23rd May - see how this modification was implemented here

Contributed by Dick

Schwegler 1MF
In the first phase of the Fulbourn project, a number of the Schwegler 1MF boxes were occupied by Swifts, but also several were occupied by Starlings. This is because the entrance is too large.

On the inside of the louvres of this box, where the entrance is, there is a recess about 10mm deep . We have recommended to South Cambridgeshire District Council that they fill this recess with Polyfilla in order to reduce the entrance to 30mm.

If Starlings are occupying your Swift boxes, then reduce the entrance sizes and put up Starling boxes some distance away from the Swift boxes.

You can read more about entrance sizes in this post

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