Friday 16 December 2011

Great Shelford Swift Belfry

This is another triumph for Rob Mungovan, ecology officer with South Cambridgeshire District Council

He has this to say: "Here is the recently restored school building in Great Shelford.  There were swifts nesting under part of the end wall. That aspect of the building could not be entirely retained but Hill Residential were happy to adapt the bell tower to provide for swifts and bats (as well as putting up other swift boxes).

The historic building people are happy with the look and the fact that we now have a restored landmark building, and I'm happy that we've provided for swifts and bats. This is a great outcome. We'll have to wait for next summer to see if it works."

There is a total of 20 nest-boxes for Swifts in the belfry, 12 in the lower level and 8 in the upper level.

A closer view showing some of the Swift entrances.

Here are the Swift boxes at the top and bottom of the bell tower.
This is the partially completed bat roost.

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