Sunday 3 July 2011

School Project in Israel

We asked Amnonn Hahn if he could tell us about one of his projects at the Gavrieli Harkamel School in Tel Aviv:

This is an example of spotting an opportunity in an otherwise unlikely location for Swift nest-boxes.

It also shows what can be done in a hot climate, where defending the nest-boxes from the sun can be a real challenge.

Here is Amnonn (on the right) overseeing the work with the contractor.

Note that 17mm plywood is used which helps with heat insulation.

The boxes have a special UV & rain proof, polycarbonate cover which extends 5 – 10cm beyond the box. The cover is tilted and the 5cm wooden bar, that supports the roof, is drilled for better ventilation.
Here are the completed boxes, the sound system has been installed, it is now up to the Swifts.


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