Thursday 5 May 2011

Replacing a lost colony in Potton (Beds)

Contributed by Jake and Helen
A building in Potton which had a Swift colony was pulled down recently. The young woman in the photo, Tracey, agreed to have a couple of Zeist-style boxes on her property, which is close to the site of the lost colony. Seeing that breeders will arrive shortly and find their homes destroyed, she hopes to draw their attention to the new homes in the two boxes by playing the CD lure, starting right away.
If Tracey gets a good response, we have agreed to increase the accommodation, either with more single boxes, or more probably with a multi-compartment cabinet. Tracey's neighbours will also be watching.  If her nest-boxes are successful, at least one has expressed interest in putting up  boxes on her own house.


  1. Tracey here - we are playing the CD and watching the skies with great anticipation. The swifts definitely fly closer to the house when it is on, but I have yet to witness anyone checking out the luxurious new accomodation.
    Will keep you posted.

  2. Keep going Tracey, it is some days before the prospecting non-breeders arrive. Not all of the breeders have arrived yet - I have birds back in 5 of the 8 boxes occupied last year, including both birds in my camera box.

  3. The birds are flying very close to the boxes today - I am almost holding my breathe someone is going to move it!!