4-box Swift Cabinet

This box is designed to be an attractive wall feature, as well as being attractive to Swifts. The materials are rough-sawn timber and weather-proof plywood for the back and roof. 

If placed on a south-facing wall, make sure the louvres and roof are at least 2cm thick and preferably painted white. Ideally placed under eaves, but if exposed to sun and rain, then a water-proof material on the roof is advised.

This design has had reasonable success, with over 50 being installed, many of which are occupied.

The drawing at the bottom gives detailed dimensions.

These dimensions are quite generous, and could be reduced to a floor area of, say, 30cm x 15cm, and headroom 15cm.

These 2 cabinets were installed at Edgecombe flats, Cambridge in 2010
Click for clearer image

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